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In 2014, the idea of Sidekicks was created by a Filipino American artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii who's identity remains anonymous.  The idea was triggered by a sidekick character named, "Atrix".  The artist embraced the idea that sidekicks were always portrayed as underestimated and unappreciated heroes.  "As individuals, we all have a sidekick moment.  It just means we work harder than anyone on the planet to reach number one! But, I am in a place where that's not important. I'd rather be a sidekick and help others achieve it." the artist added. 

Thus, Sidekicks was born by empowering the minds of our youth to have that mentality of a sidekick.  The foundation of the brand is our Youth. We encourage them to embrace who they are, to defy every odd, and to never give up.  "Sidekicks are your normal everyday people dealing with the villainous struggles of life and society.  To have a better life and society, we must make a priority to nurture the minds of our youth." - ATRIX