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In 2014, the idea of Sidekicks Clothing was created by self taught artist from Honolulu, Hawaii.  The idea was triggered by a comic character the artist created called, "Atrix."  Atrix embodied the characteristics of a sidekick that was often bullied, rejected by society, and lack the powers of a superhero. We embraced the idea that sidekicks are always portrayed as underestimated heroes and most often overlooked as heroes. 

Thus, Sidekicks was born to help empower the minds of our youth.  The foundation of our company is to brand our youth with the association of a sidekick.  We encourage them to embrace who they are, to defy every odd, and to never give up on themselves.  "Sidekicks are your normal everyday people dealing with the villianous struggles of life and society.  To have a better life and society, we must make it a priority to nurture and change the minds of our youth." 


Assemble an extraordinary force of ordinary people.


To empower our youth to defy the odds and become an inspirational figure for others. "When the odds are against us, we seek to defy them."


Join the Sidekick Society by following our cause through our social media. Help us inspire and redefine heroism through individuals like you.

  1. Instagram: @sidekicks_clothing
  2. Twitter: @sk_society
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"There is nothing more remarkable than witnessing a sidekick persevere through personal defeat or failure.  How great the fall may be, their unrelenting determination to get back up and try again is heroic in itself. "

— Atrix