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EXO Squads

The Sidekick Clothing empowers our youth to inspire others through their lifestyle.  Thus, we created a team called, "EXOSQUAD" or Extraordinary Squad.  EXOSQUADS are ambitious advocates that promote their life experiences and encourage others to believe in themselves.  If you would like to share your story and become an advocate please APPLY below. Mahalo! 

Kaiea Photoshoot 2.jpg


Kaiea is your average teenager with a big dream and a passion for skateboarding and photography.

"I tried out for a skateboarding contest and placed 2nd overall.  I was happy and excited that I actually placed at all!  Since then I've been trying to improve my techniques by practicing one trick until I nail it several times. I'll take it step by step.  Eventually I will get over them one by one."


Chanel had struggled making good decisions through influences and not allowing school to be her priority in life. Now, she turned her life around and became an honor roll student and active member in a Leadership program.

"Growing up in my community was tough because there is so much negative influences that can easily bend you to go in the wrong direction. For a moment, I let that affect me and followed the wrong crowd.  When I reflected on my future and how my mother struggled to raise me as a single parent, I made a promise to myself to become successful and help my family one day. Also, I could not have done it without the proper guidance in life. Thank you to my mother, Godparents, and God for without them I wouldn't be where I am today.


If you are interested in becoming an advocate today, please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you through email. 

What should I write about?

In a short paragraph, explain how you overcame an obstacle in life and how you continue to persevere through your challenges. 

How many advocates do you take per year?

We accept only one advocate per division every six months. 

What is my job if I am chosen as an advocate?

Exosquad Advocates are non-paid but receive products and items to promote our brand. We may ask you to make public appearances at schools or special events throughout the year.


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